Whether you know what you want in a wooden boat or are just curious, your inquiry is welcomed. The shop is equipped to work on boats of all sizes, with power or sail, quality restoration and repair of classic wooden boats, new design and construction, as well as consultation and site visits.

“Nate Greeley is probably the premier wooden boat builder in this part of the world. I have known him for ten years and he has shown his amazing versatility by repairing an old fiberglass dinghy, completely restoring a 120-year-old canoe, and doing several other jobs, the most notable was the total restoration of our 35-year-old lobster boat “Cameron.” Nate did such a complete and thorough job on Cameron that her annual maintenance is minimal.
Nate works fast and is extremely well organized with no wasted motion while showing an amazing attention to detail. He drives himself hard but enjoys his work. He is great fun to work with because he is passionate about his craft. I do not hesitate to recommend Nate for any boat restoration project. If he turns it down, sell the boat quick.” – David Borden